What We Offer

Our services focus on the following areas:

1. Tutoring

We offer one-on-one academic tutoring in different subjects which include math, English, foreign language, history, and science. We have developed our own set of workbooks with a set of exercises that help reinforce learning.

2. Academic Coaching

We understand that not all students are the same. With academic coaching, we not only teach them the lessons and concepts, but we also help them develop executive functions to enable them to take hold and manage their time and the tasks that they have to accomplish. We make sure that despite the rigors of their academics, they still live a happy and balanced life.

We also work with children with learning differences. We acknowledge that learning for them takes on a different approach and we strive to address their learning styles. Our goal is to lessen stress and make learning fun, enjoyable, and effective.

3. School Admissions

Applying to new schools can be very daunting because of all the preparations and requirements that have to be completed within a deadline. Our educational consultants patiently work with students in achieving their goal of being able to study at their dream school.

From middle school to high school, and high school to college, we provide the assistance that students need to navigate the admissions process. From school selection, application assistance, test prep, essay writing, letters of recommendation, interview prep, selecting relevant extracurricular activities, we plan the best steps to take to have a competitive edge.

4. Test Prep

Standardized tests like the ISEE, HSPT, and SSAT for middle school and high school private school applications, and the SAT and ACT for college applications are integral parts in the admissions process. Having high scores on these tests show the level of mastery readiness of the applicant in handling advanced academic subjects. It also gauges if a student is a good fit to the school he is applying to.

We offer ISEE practice test, HSPT practice test, SSAT practice test, for private school admissions, and SAT practice test, and ACT practice test for college admissions.