English Tutoring

Learning the English language is the most important foundational skill that a student has to learn because it is used in all the other subjects. English tutoring focuses on learning vocabulary,  grammar, and spelling which are requisite skills in reading and writing.

You may think that you are already proficient, but let us tell you why you may need to have an English tutor.

1. Develop Reading Comprehension

Being able to read does not resonate with having good English skills. Comprehension is an essential part of reading so it is important to develop a good understanding of the English language early on. With proper reading skills, a child will be able to have a better grasp of lessons and make it easier to understand concepts and topics. Poor reading and comprehension can lead to an overall poor academic performance.

2. Develop Writing Skills

Part of the English curriculum involves composition writing, essay writing, report writing, and others where a written output is produced. As such, comprehensive knowledge in English grammar and spelling are skills that should be mastered by any student.

3. Develop Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well places a student at an advantage when it comes to relevant activities such as reporting, assuming leadership roles, interviews, and such. Having good communication skills boosts confidence and provides more opportunities to participate and take leadership roles in school activities. To achieve a high level of proficiency, one has to have mastery of the English language. 

So when is the best time to start English tutoring? The earlier, the better because you do need a lot of practice to become good and fluent with the English language.