College Consulting

College admissions have changed dramatically over the past years. With the test-optional policy being practiced by most universities and colleges nationwide brought about by the pandemic, hopeful applicants are seeking private college consulting services to be better prepared and strategic with their applications.

College consultants understand the admissions process and know the current trends to help you be on track with your applications. Independent college consultants act as coaches to guide you through the whole process. However, to achieve more favorable results, admissions strategies should be in place as early as middle school. With prior planning, students have the opportunity to build their activities over time, explore academic interests, and pursue enriching summer opportunities. College counseling is a long-term process that begins with identifying the college options and the possible majors and then streamlining them as the interests, skills, and resources are brought into consideration. Our college consulting packages begin as early as elementary school and can last until winter break junior year. We have found that the earlier students begin to take stock of their goals, the higher their chances of success on their applications.

From conceptualizing extracurricular activities, summer camps, improving grades and GPA through tutoring and academic coaching, to the actual college application process, college consultants break down the process into different phases and make a more manageable timeline to make sure that goals are met. With private college consulting services, independent college consultants organize this whole cycle to reduce stress and achieve success.



With all the changes in the admissions process for the past years, the competition for college hopefuls in getting into their school of choice has become tougher and more challenging. To navigate the admissions process successfully and obtain favorable results, hiring independent college consulting services could be the solution.

During the entire process of college consulting, a student’s motivation, confidence, and work ethic are developed which they will take with them through their adult lives. So considering your situation and your circumstances, obtaining college consulting services may prove to be the wisest choice that you will ever make as a step towards achieving your dreams.

College consulting services fees may vary depending on the reach of services and the kind of assistance needed. Some offer hourly sessions and others have different tiers of packages that families can choose from. Private college consultancy services can be costly and families who want to avail of these services are always on the lookout for the most reasonable rates in terms of the quality of service. Reputable companies will charge more than usual because of their professional experience and track record of successful college admissions rate.

College consultants inspire and assist students with the application and admissions process. They help build a compelling portfolio for college applications to gain leverage and have a better shot at getting into their college of choice.  

Early planning allows students to strategize and build their activities as they go through high school. A college consultant may recommend classes, clubs, extracurricular activities, as well as build personal relationships on campus to further the student’s goals. 

Although almost all schools provide college counseling services to their students, there is not just enough time and resources to provide all the necessary information and guidance to the aspiring applicants. 

Hiring an independent college counselor who can provide individualized insight and strategies on the admissions process is probably a wise decision to reduce stress and gain leverage in your college application.