School’s Profile

Urban School of San Francisco
(415) 626-2919
1563 Page St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Year Founded 1966 Religious Affiliation Nonsectarian
Type Of School Day School Admissions Website Open in new tab
Grade Levels High School Gender CoEd
Contact Information
Contact No. (415) 626-2919
Official Website
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Fast Facts
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Grade Levels High School
Student Population
No. of Students in school 428
Student - teacher ratio 10:1
Students of Color 47%
Tuition (Low) $55,197
Tuition (High) $55,197
Admissions Website
Application Requirements
Parent Essay Required Yes
Child Essay Required Information is not available.
Transcript Required Information is not available.
College Counseling
College Counseling Info

Lauren Gersick, Director of College Counseling

Elizabeth Harris, Associate Director of College Counseling

Andy Schine, College Counselor

Leslie Schaffer, College Counseling Associate


Fall Sports
Cross Country - Coed Varsity, Flag Football - Boys Varsity (Club), Golf - Girls Varsity, Sailing (Club), Tennis - Girls Junior Varsity, Tennis - Girls Varsity, Volleyball - Girls Frosh/Soph, Volleyball - Girls Junior Varsity, Volleyball - Girls Varsity

Winter Sports
Frosh/ Soph Boys Basketball, Basketball - Boys Junior Varsity, Basketball - Boys Varsity, Basketball - Girls Junior Varsity, Basketball - Girls Varsity, Sailing (Club), Soccer - Boys Junior Varsity, Soccer - Boys Varsity, Soccer - Girls Junior Varsity, Soccer - Girls Varsity

Spring Sports
Baseball - Varsity, Fencing - Coed Varsity, Golf - Boys Varsity, Lacrosse - Boys Varsity, Lacrosse - Girls Varsity, Softball - Girls Varsity, Swimming - Coed Varsity, Tennis - Boys Junior Varsity, Tennis - Boys Varsity,Track - Coed Varsity, Volleyball - Boys Varsity

Arts (Visual, Music, Performing)

Visual Art, Theatre, Music