School’s Profile

The Branson School
(415) 454-3612
39 Fernhill Ave, Ross, CA 94957
Year Founded 1920 Religious Affiliation Nonsectarian
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Grade Levels High School Gender CoEd
Contact Information
Contact No. (415) 454-3612
Official Website
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Fast Facts
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Grade Levels High School
Student Population
No. of Students in school 320
Student - teacher ratio 6:1
Average Class Size 12
Ethnicity % 42%
Tuition (Low) $52,800
Tuition (High) $52,800
Admissions Website
Application Requirements
Parent Essay Required Yes
Child Essay Required Yes
Transcript Required Yes
College Counseling
College Counseling Info

Matthew Lane, Director of College Counseling
Phone: (415) 455-7127

Frances Dillon, College Counseling Associate, Advanced Placement Coordinator


8-Man Football, Baseball (Boys), Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing (Club), Golf, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking (Club), Sailing (Club), Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball (Girls)

Arts (Visual, Music, Performing)

Arts Programs
Dance, Music, Theater, Tech Theater, Visual Arts, Visiting Artists