School’s Profile

St. Ignatius College Preparatory
(415) 731-7500
2001 37th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116
Year Founded 1855 Religious Affiliation Catholic
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Grade Levels High School Gender CoEd
Contact Information
Contact No. (415) 731-7500
Official Website
Fast Facts
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Grade Levels High School
Student Population
No. of Students in school 1,508
Student - teacher ratio 15:1
Average Class Size 25
Students of Color 49.1% Caucasian
5.6% Latino
9.6% Latino+
11.9% Asian
4.9% Asian+
6.8% Filipino
3.1% Filipino+
3.1% African-American
2.9% African-American+
0.6% Pacific Islander
0.3% American Indian/Alaskan
2.0% Other
0.1% Unclassified
Tuition (Low) $29,450
Tuition (High) $29,450
Admissions Website
Application Requirements
Parent Essay Required Yes
Child Essay Required Yes
Transcript Required Yes
College Counseling
College Counseling Info

Ms. Brice Campoverdi, College Counselor
Phone: (415) 731-7500, Ext. 5219

Patrick Lorenzo, College Counselor

Ms. Anna Maria Vaccaro, College Counselor, Magis College Advisor

Ms. Ashley Withers, College Counselor, Magis office
Phone: (415) 731-7500, Ext. 5604

Ms. Stephanie Wong, College Counselor
Phone: (415) 731-7500, Ext. 5101


Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Softball

Arts (Visual, Music, Performing)

Visual Arts
Photography, Sculpture, Studio Art, Art & Architecture, Art & Nature, Sacred Symbols, Sculpture and Multimedia Design

Performing Arts
Costume and Prop Rental, Program offerings, Choral Music, Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Technical Theatre