School’s Profile

Park Day School
(510) 653-0317
360 42nd St, Oakland, CA 94609
Year Founded 1976 Religious Affiliation Nonsectarian
Type Of School Day School Admissions Website Open in new tab
Grade Levels Middle School Gender CoEd
Contact Information
Contact No. (510) 653-0317
Official Website
School’s Official Email Id
Fast Facts
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Grade Levels Middle School
Student Population
No. of Students in school Total Students: 330 | Grades K-5: 215 | Grades 6-8: 115
Student - teacher ratio 8:1
Average Class Size Grades K-2: 9 | Grades 3-4: 12 | Grades 5-8: 12-18
Students of Color 52%
Tuition (Low) $1,650
Tuition (High) $34,400
Admissions Website
Application Requirements
Parent Essay Required Yes
Child Essay Required Yes
Transcript Required Yes

Fall Sports
Cross Country, Flag football

Winter Sports
JV & Varsity Basketball (teams divided by gender identity)

Spring Sports
Track, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

Arts (Visual, Music, Performing)

Drama, Music, Visual Art